Take those mom shorts off!


Seriously, girls, you should all stop wearing high-waisted shorts because some random perv can’t get a boner when you walk by. Seriously.

On a side note, what kind of “man” would use such filthy language to talk about women?


Why I Don’t Buy Digital Music Or Books

If there is anything I really regret it would be buying anything in digital format. I find myself feeling cheated. Years ago I had just discovered iTunes and bought a bunch of albums. It was great! Instantly download music and listen to all of your favorite songs. But after a while I started thinking. Is that it? Is this all I get? I have spent all this money and I have nothing tangible to show for it. I don’t even get album booklets with hardly any of the music. I also bought some books in digital format. I regret that too. Well, it’s OK with those cheap one dollar fiction books I’ll never read again but I bought one book I use for research in digital format a couple of years back and find I really need the actual physical book because the digital is limited and I can’t really use it very well (translation: it’s worthless). So, here I find myself buying the actual physical copy (for less money than the digital no less) even after I already bought it in digital format and spending more money than I would have originally if I had just bought the actual book in the first place. I also found myself doing this with a couple of albums I really liked. I bought a couple of songs then decided I felt cheated and wanted the real thing. What a scam! The worst part is you don’t even own the digital stuff you pay for and it’s just another way for big companies to track and spy on you and be able to criminalize you. You have nothing you can actually pass on to your kids. All you get is noise and a picture when you download music. Even if they give you the digital booklet you are still limited in using it. When I was younger my favorite thing about buying music was going to the store, picking out the album then opening it up to see what’s in the booklet. I also savored that new paper/booklet smell. But you can’t get that when you buy digital. Sure, if it’s just one song and the rest of the album is crappy I might just download but if I really like something, I want the real thing. Also if I need to research something or am using a book for learning purposes there is no way I’m buying digital. Sometimes the old fashioned way is just plain better.

My Experience with Essure

In my last posting I told you of how I got sterilized at a young age. I had the Essure procedure done. I wanted to take the time to share my experience with this procedure. If you look online for people’s experiences with this procedure you will find a lot of negative stories. I guess the procedure isn’t all that well known so good stories about it aren’t very widespread yet. I used to go surfing the internet trying to find some positive stories about it working long term that would inspire me. I didn’t find many so here I am with my positive story that I hope will ease some woman’s mind somewhere. Despite all the protests and petitions about the Essure devices, for some of us women they work wonderfully and have been a dream come true.

So, as I told everyone before, I got sterilized at a young age because of family problems and feeling unsafe about bearing more children because of how few legal protections women have these days. So, me and my husband used to use spermicide and condoms as birth control during the first couple of years of our marriage. It wasn’t all that romantic really. I would put the spermicide in then have to wait for 15 minutes for it to take effect then my husband would use a condom. The waiting and medicalization of it all didn’t do much positive for our sex drives that’s for sure! I wanted to get something permanent done. I had heard someone say that they had other methods of female sterilization other than the traditional “tying your tubes” method. So I did some research and found out about Essure. I called my Gyno’s office and got an appointment. First I had a consultation. My doctor was an older Asian man and he was very friendly and professional with me. I told him matter-of-factly that I knew all of my options for birth control and sterilization and told him that the Essure was the one for me. I made sure to emphasize the different birth control options out there so that there would be no doubt in his mind that I had done my research and made an informed decision. He didn’t seem reluctant to perform it on me, despite my young age (early 20s). Only once he said “Are you sure? You’re so young.” I insisted I was sure and he said OK. I told him about me and my husband and how we didn’t want any more kids and the spermicide and condoms were ruining our sex life and he agreed to the procedure. He said they were not set up to do the procedure in the office so he would have to do it in the outpatient section of the hospital next door. I asked him about pain meds and he said they would put me out to do the procedure.

So, I thanked him then went to sign papers acknowledging that I understood it was permanent, not reversible and that I never wanted to bear any more children. My doctor had also signed off on the papers that I was mentally stable and that he would do the procedure. The insurance required that I wait one month from the consultation date for me to get the surgery done and I went up to the hospital a couple of weeks before to sign papers for the anesthesia. All was well.

The day of the operation I arrived at the hospital before the sun came up. My husband was with me and we waited together. Some nurses came in and out to get me ready. When it was time I was wheeled into a room with some others before going into surgery. I had never been in a hospital before so I was a little freaked. The anesthesiologist had to give me something to calm me down. In a short while I was wheeled into the operating room. I was awake for a few minutes while some nurses came in and out. Then the anesthesiologist put me to sleep. I don’t even remember going out I just faded into darkness. It was all very peaceful. I woke up in the recovery room and there were several others in there too. I don’t know how long I was in there but when I was wheeled back to the main hospital room where my husband was waiting for me he said the doctor told him I was fine and in recovery but he said he had been waiting for a while and was getting really nervous and worried about me.

Nobody at the hospital while I was there really said anything about me getting sterilized so young. The male nurse that wheeled me back to the operating section said something about my age and if I “was sure” in a curious tone. The anesthesiologist wasn’t exactly mean to me or anything but he told me he had 9 kids and he gave me this look like he felt sorry for me or something when he walked away from me after I was in the recovery room. I can only hope I didn’t go on too much about my personal life when I was drugged up, but who cares, it’s not his life anyways and I’ll probably never see him again nor will he probably remember me.

So, anyways, after the procedure I bled for a few hours and cramped a bit for two days and that was it. Everything went according to the way it was supposed to. Me and my husband were careful for three months to avoid pregnancy. I went back for an x-ray at 3 months and my tubes were blocked. I was nervous when the doctor had to go through my cervix with a needle looking thing to insert the dye but I didn’t feel a thing. I was surprised. They told me my cervix wouldn’t be numbed so I assumed it would be uncomfortable but I didn’t even feel it when it was going in. I was surprised when he said he had already inserted the device.

I was paranoid for a while that maybe they were trying to trick me about my tubes being blocked since I was so young (I’m a very paranoid person anyways) but I have never gotten pregnant. It has been exactly 3 years now and the Essure procedure has worked wonderfully for me. I have had no complications, no pregnancy, no nothing. Me and my husband have the best love life. Everything is spontaneous and au naturale. 😉 Our only child is getting older and going off to school and we don’t have any new kids to take care of so we are less stressed and can spend more time with each other. I am a housewife and I will soon have a much more flexible schedule to do errands, help our LO with her activities and help my husband when the LO is in school full time. No matter what the “pro-life” crusaders are doing right now at least I know I was proactive and got sterilized so that I wouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy. I couldn’t take hormonal birth control because it turned me into an emotional train wreck . Essure is non-hormonal and has been a life saver. I finally have peace of mind. It is true that it could still fail in the future (I hope that doesn’t ever happen), but as of right now it has been 3 solid years and no problems.

I hope my story about Essure can help some woman out there who is considering this procedure. Some women definitely have problems (a lot of them because of the doctor or the fact that they didn’t go back to make sure their tubes were blocked) but there are many women out there such as myself for whom this procedure has been a dream come true.

Please be aware that I am not a doctor and this posting is not meant to replace advice from a medical professional.